Democrats want to put 2016 election in the past. Its haunting them


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There have been bills passed by Congress in Trump's administration. Most notably, his tax break for rich people law.
As I like to say, you can't vote against war, and you can't vote against tax breaks for Goldman Sachs. there's plenty of bipartisan consensus on those two issues, and they appear to be the only two issues the elites actually care about.
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I'm still waiting for you to post my quote where I said you're trying to start a theocracy just because you're religious.
You have always said I want a Theocracy. Are you now denying that? I will look up some quotes if you do
Apr 2011
My mother's womb, of course.
You have always said I want a Theocracy. Are you now denying that? I will look up some quotes if you do
You have the reading comprehension skills of a 1st grader. Post the quote where I said you want a theocracy just because you're religious.
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Waking up every day to the reality that Hillary lost and Trump won in 2016 is a nightmare Liberals cannot stand much longer. How do they remedy this? They create any story they can to change this story. So far they have been batting zero. Mueller didn’t find any wrong doing, that amplified their fears since Liberals put all their apples in that basket for almost 3 years. You can imagine the nightmare getting ten times worse after striking out in that case. Liberals next went after Kavenaugh and struck out twice on getting him impeached. You would think they would get the picture, no evidence and corroboration doesn’t work. Nope, they are going full steam ahead on this idea of impeachment on a whistle blower with 2nd hand information. Does this look doomed for failure? Based on what they tried in the past, they are so overcome with hatred and despair over Trump winning in 2016 I thought it would be good idea to post a video of Trumps win as a friendly reminder Trump actually did win in 2016.

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This isn't any different than you crapping your pants the day Obama was elected. Oh yes, that's right, Obama was elected twice. Depends anyone?

I'll never forget the look on your face the day we met when I said it was nice to see our first Black President elected.

You're funny @aboutenough!