Democrats want to put 2016 election in the past. Its haunting them

Oct 2018
Mueller may have seen Trump and Ukrainian ties. But the redacted lines are part of the 'sitting president' rule - which 'special investigations are subject...but impeachments are not.

Which reminds me...I need to contact my Senators about calling Mueller to testify with the impeachment hearing.

Mueller would not be bound by the 'sitting president' rule written by republicans* to never see a "Nixon / Republican" investigation having any power to remove a corrupt president again.

An Impeachment is not subject to such republican desperation rules of the 'sitting president'

*The 'sitting president rule' originated in President Nixon’s Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel....after the impeachment investigation of Nixon ended. (it would look really corrupt if it was done while Nixon was being investigated)

It's kind of mind blowing how the Republican party needs to be corrupt to succeed.

Wanted to repeat my post about Mueller - so I used the 'reply' to bring it over.

House Gets FBI Interviews From Mueller Probe: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) -- The Justice Department said it’s turned over to the House Judiciary Committees FBI reports on interviews of 17 people in response to a court order to produce still-secret materials from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.
Here are the latest developments:

FBI interview notes on the following people: Chris Christie, Michael Cohen; John Kelly; Jared Kushner; Cory Lewandowski; Paul Manafort; K.T. McFarland ; Stephen Miller; Rob Porter; Rod Rosenstein; Christopher Ruddy (Newsmax ); Sarah Sanders; and Sean Spicer ...

The Justice Department estimated that for many of the interviews, less than 20 percent of the content is redacted.

The Justice Department also said it anticipates making more such interviews available “so long as they do not adversely impact ongoing FBI investigations and cases”

Those interviews include: Stephen Bannon; Dana Boente; James Burnham; James Comey; Annie Donaldson; John Eisenberg; Michael Flynn; Rick Gates; Hope Hicks; Jody Hunt; Andrew McCabe; Don McGahn; Reince Priebus; James Rybicki; and Jeff Sessions.

This should be good...LOL
Apr 2012
No it isn't.

I'm not disrespecting them in the first place.

You show disrespect to atheists. Why is that okay?

I am not a Democrat.
So you justify with lies about atheists show where I disrespect them. You disrespect Christians