Dems: If the primary were today, who would get your vote?

Apr 2012
I certainly have made no final choice yet, either, MaryAnne. Am only giving my thoughts for now...….:)
I know that! Much too early for anyone to decide. We have so many good ones to choose from.

Now, Steve Bullock of Montana has entered the race.. I think it is fine to have so many choices.
Apr 2012
My two biggest priorities are, stagnant wages and the public option...

So, I know I have been a Bernie supporter for several years now, and I do like several candidates like Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren and I heard an interview with Kirsten Gillibrand and liked what she had to say.

But... I'm liking what I'm hearing from Biden... at this point I'd probably go Biden, and electability is a large part of that, but Joe put wages at the top of his platform list and supports the public option over "medicare for all."

Thx :)
Joe’s endorsement by the Union really ticked off Trump.

Sherrod Brown is Union all the way. The only way you will ever get high wages again is for the worker to fight the Corporations for decent wages and benefits.

Republicans have destroyed that over the years, aided and abetted by many ignorant Union members. I watched it happen.
May 2019
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This is for anyone who would like to answer:
Can I ask, what it is about Buttigieg that has a lot of Dems so interested?
Oct 2018
At this point it's ANYONE BUT TRUMP!

I'll tell you what I think Biden is about.

The republican party is notorious for throwing mud in verbal and written falsehoods concerning the democratic opponent. The Southern strategy, invented by a campaign strategist of the republican party, is to lie and attack the person you are running against (No one can deny this was Trump's number one 'go to' method of campaigning. Promises are not the same as the RNC platform - what your party stand for. That was not how Trump wanted to campaign - he wanted to make promisees - like Mexico will pay for the wall (to the earth shattering glee from his sheep) He was going to make sure any company that used off shore labor would suffer the “consequences” . Anyone want want to admit he has not set in play ANY's just ..words, words, words to get you to believe in Republicanism....sad

The purpose is to get people so agitated with hate, they see logic in the things that were actually written to cause hate (that they deny - We don't hate...but for some reason hate backs killing the safety nets, killing any form of health care - which has been someone what sucessfull by killing the middle class). This keeps the Corporations in charge - which is the main goal of both corporations and the party that backs "greed is good" - the republicans.

Instults and fake natatives were proved to be effective tactics in the minds that have been taught what to hate It certainly is not ethical, but it's more than certain, the republicans don't care. A requirement of a good crook is to not care...your right up there with them. Dropping all ethics has become the true key to a Trumpett's heart!


I think Biden is the democratic shill at this time. He can take the unethical methods thrown at him - he's had been part of such treatment for 8 years. He will chose a VP knowing what the voters want.
Then, before the election, he will drop out, turning his endorsement to his VP as his replacement. We check the box for the President...and the VP comes along at no extra charge...we don't vote for one and then the other. On the ballots - Biden will become N/A and the VP's name will be the Democratic canidate.

Touches my heart to think of republicans spending all that energy - and all the millions donated to them by the 'greed is good' group - only to have attacked the wrong person...Perfect!


That's my guess...keep focusing on Biden, my dear republican friend...I encourage you to spend hours working on this. :rolleyes: :lol:
Nov 2009
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Interested to know who people like thus far. Might be interesting to revisit a year from now and see how well some candidates did.. I am a registered indie, but likely will vote in the D primary. Thus far I like Buttigieg.
I'm not a Dem, use to be a long time ago, he's not running but my first choice would be James Webb. If he had won the nomination last time I would have voted for him vice Trump.
Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
I haven't followed them super closely but at this point I kind of like Buttigieg.

No, not that way.
He is 36. He needs to build a resume. I would suggest he get out of politics and enter the business/corporate world to get real world experience and exposure, i.e., how things really work. If he is successful and in 20 years when he is still only 56 years old, enter the game of politics and try again.

He has done nothing so far. He looks good and speaks well. That's nice but those are not qualification we should base electing a President on.

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