Dems: If the primary were today, who would get your vote?

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Farmers will find it 'funny' that you don't consider them to be part of the 'working class'.

Farm income is barely half of what it was in 2013.
Saw a recent article about that and they said that 90% of them will still support Trump and the GOP because of one issue, the estate tax. They said that bothers them more than anything about democrats. Found that interesting.
Jan 2016
Farm income is higher than it was in 2016, farm income has improved under Trump.
Yeah, well, farmers AREN'T "better off than they have been in 14 years", which is what you said about the working class:

Libertine: The working class is better off than they have been in 14 years, and they know it.
Nov 2006
Interested to know who people like thus far. Might be interesting to revisit a year from now and see how well some candidates did.. I am a registered indie, but likely will vote in the D primary. Thus far I like Buttigieg.
I am sorry to say but the country is not going to elect a homosexual to the Whitehouse, it simply will not happen. If you want to see 4 more yrs of trump then Buttigieg is your guy.

Biden/Harris is the ticket.
Nov 2006
Castro said some good things in an NPR interview. He comes off as leader-ly.

You know the righties will have a field day making memes about his name, though.
It makes no difference how much you may like someone, they must be electable. Nominating a homosexual or a Hispanic is automatically going to cost you a hell of a lot of votes regardless of how much they may be the best candidate. Who I would like to see as the next president and who I would like to see win the nomination are 2 different people.

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