Despite printed creed, full program, Trumps pout, don't participate in funeral services

Sep 2013
On a hill
Maybe, Trump was praying that the Deep State would go away, but they were sitting right next to him.

Trump is President, and likely has a lot more on his mind than the retired folks sitting on the same row.
I imagine Mueller is on his mind a lot these days,
Apr 2012
I noticed that too. Can't read his mind, though. So, it's hard to criticize. Even though, yes, it does look a bit off.
They are now showing various photo’s of Trump trying to read. His mind is incapable of reading more than a few words. Lack of interest? Not able to concentrate? Repeating himself?

And, Melania may not be able to read English very well.

Notice, Bush shook hands with all of them, slipped Michelle a cough drop or candy. I have little use for Junior, but they do have manners. Trump is a bull in a China shop.


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
I don't consider Trump a devout Christian, but at least Trump doesn't bash his religion like Obama did.

And, just to clue you in -- I am not one of those who said Obama was a Muslim, but I wouldn't say he was a Christian either.
The hypocritical Christian right just KNOWS Obama isn't a Christian, even though all evidence suggests he is. Likewise, they fight tooth and nail to say Trump is a Christian, even though they know he isn't and all evidence suggests he isn't.

For many of them, having a Christian president was never important even though they said it was.

Party-over-country? Oh yeah, party-over-religion too.