Despite printed creed, full program, Trumps pout, don't participate in funeral services

Jun 2007
I don't consider Trump a devout Christian, but at least Trump doesn't bash his religion like Obama did.

And, just to clue you in -- I am not one of those who said Obama was a Muslim, but I wouldn't say he was a Christian either.
Obama's a Christian and the Lard ASS in the Whitehouse isn't. Its really that simple.


Former Staff
Jun 2007
I can't imagine he didn't go to his parent's funerals. There is no excuse for his behavior. He's just a boorish clod.
True and he has "people" to give him instructions on etiquette and protocol of these events, but he manages to screw it up every time. This one wasn't as bad as some of the others, though. I was much more outraged when he used the Codetalkers as a segue to a Pocohontas joke as it was extremely rude to a group of people who were there to be honored, not insulted.

His lack of grace at the funeral of Bush doesn't bother me as much, but his indifference towards the feelings of non-elites that gets my goat. Like the little people are just there for him to wipe his ass on.