Despite promises, medical bankruptcy still as high with the ACA

Apr 2015
By what standards? Granted, the major stats I use to measure success don't break it out by class. The US has been rising up the international rankings of life expectancy since Obamacare passed, but it's possible that's due to relative improvements for the upper and lower classes, while the middle class worsened.

Jul 2013
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And if the "better off" disagree with your plans to spend their money?

The bible isn't everyone's moral compass, much less political roadmap.
In a Democracy, if the "better off" are a minority, they may not like the result. There have been society's where the "better off" were put against the wall or lined up at the guillotine, ending all their grievances in one stroke...
Nov 2015
Access is a big factor here and one which gets overlooked. Costs rise staggeringly if people use ERs. Yet where else do people go after hours? A fall with a broken bone can cost 25K in an ER. Thats a massive cost factor and one nobody ever addressed. It was somewhat addressed by mandating health insurance but many couldnt get doctors and were put on waiting lists. That meant ER is still the main source of their care. Others that could get doctors, still had to use ERs for overnight urgent care. Its a massive cost and nobody can figure out a solution to it.
My broken leg cost £0.00 to fix. Ok, the NHS is funded out of our tax but no real medical costs as such in the UK.
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Sep 2013
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Mar 2012
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My fractured ankle...the total tab was 41K. I had two insurances at the time..and I still paid 3K out of pocket.
I dont think people realize the "covered costs" or "out of pocket" costs mean only whats covered by insurance. They assume the rest is picked up . For example I have a colleague who was diagnosed with leukemia. She had a 12 K deductible but so far has over 100K worth of bills due to her doctor prescribing drugs not fully covered and also sending her to Boston (out of network) for treatment. She had to make a choice based on trying to save her life and decided from the get go she would just declare bankruptcy because nothing was going to be covered.