Did anyone see this interview with Mikhail Kasyanov, the former Prime Minister of Russia?

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Jul 2011
Interesting guy.

Brave guy too, I would say.

Back in 2016, he was vocally opposing Putin on all sorts of matters, from democracy inside Russia to the wisdom of annexing Crimea and starting a conflict with Ukraine overall; and, in turn, the Kremlin answered with crude intimidation to make him shut up, courtesy of Putin's wonderful henchman from Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, right, along with Kadyrov's second-in-command (and gay lover, if the rumors among those not so friendly to Kadyrov and his clan in Chechnya are to be believed haha) Magomed Daudov

There was this scene at a restaurant in Moscow, where Chechen guys came in and threw a cake in Kasyanov's face, one of them shouting something like, "This is for you, liberal scum, from all of us, patriots of Russia, enjoy!"
All these guys involved in this incident were active duty police officers from Chechnya, it would later emerge.

And around then also also, Kadyrov, or someone on his staff, also posted out a video online, where they had Kasyanov in a sniper's scope, no joke!
Keep in mind, it is widely known that it was also Kadyrov's guys who had earlier, in 2015, assassinated Boris Nemtsov, the opposition leader, in Moscow, as well...

I recall an interview with Kadyrov at the time, in 2016, by one of the state TV channels. The woman, the reporter, actually openly asked him, did your guys really threaten to kill Kasyanov? And Kadyrov said, smiling, like he always does, "Well, you know, Vladimir Vladimirovich is the Commander in Chief, and I am his loyal soldier (he always calls himself that); whatever orders he gives me, they will be carried out accordingly."

In other words, if Putin told him to, he would send his people to take out Kasyanov, a fucking former PM. In a heartbeat. He openly said so, on national fucking TV. One scary dude, Kadyrov...

And still, Kasyanov persists over there, despite crap like that. Can't help admiring the man for this...