Did George Conway just post the best tweet of the day?

May 2012
By the wall
Americans understand the President of the United States of America, unlike Putin, takes an oath when becoming President and is bound by that same oath for the duration of his Presidency.
When the president speaks it's not usually for grand jury testimony.
Dec 2018
the Heart of America
Nobody thought Clinton was pure in fact I think none of the people running were pure. Find me a successful businessman or politician that is pure and you have found a unicorn. All the choice comes down to is who'd you leave in charge of your finances. The US Presidency is basically the tax payer's entrusting someone to look after their finances and what they buy and sell and do with the money in your account.
Good to know. OTOH, there's the old joke about a man asking a woman at a bar "Would you have sex with me for $10,000? "Yes", she says. "Would you have sex with me for $10"? "NO!" she said, "What do you think I am??" He said "We already know that, now we're just haggling for the price".

Correct, the Democrats aren't pure, but how corrupt are they? We know Trump is corrupt, but many here seem astounded people would vote for Trump over Hillary. Many even protest Hillary's innocence and high qualifications to be President. Others, like myself, strongly disagree. When it came down to two choices, Trump was voted the lesser of two evils. Why? Because too many Democrats are in denial on the corruption of Hillary R. Clinton.