Did Stacey Abrams finally admit that she didn't win in 2018?

Jul 2011
What part of she only lost by 54,000 votes do you not understand?

That's not a conspiracy theory btw, that is a fact

Along with the court order, you refuse to acknowledge.

Showing the Kemp was breaking the law in regards to again, voter suppression.

Will never know for sure if that is why she lost, but Kemp did everything he could to tamp down on voter participation.

And that should worry everyone who actually cares about open and free elections.

So she lost by 54000, your nutter theory is bunk
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Mar 2019
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She lost and needs to move on just like she told President Trump before he won in 2016

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Trump's refusal to concede the election if he loses proves he is a petty man uninterested in our national stability

10:29 AM - 20 Oct 2016

Apparently only Conservatives are required to accept the results of an election.

Liberals can whine and complain all they please.
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