Did the band Supertramp predict 9/11 on their 1980 album cover?

May 2012
By the wall
Or was this just coincidence?

The most important meal of the day gets the Big Apple treatment on the album that served up the Top 10 hits "The Logical Song" and "Take the Long Way Home." Like a blue-collar Statue of Liberty, Libby the waitress brandishes a glass of orange juice on a tray as if she were holding up a torch. The Manhattan skyline in the background is comprised of white-painted kitchen items like coffee cups, salt shakers and cereal boxes. Eerily, the "up" in Supertramp springs from the top of the World Trade Center—and reads "9/11" when reflected in a mirror.

Here's the mirror image of the Twin Towers on the cover of Supertramp's album.

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Feb 2007
I don't think they did but that is very... interesting. I would say neat but find that mildly inappropriate.
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May 2007
Houston, Texas
Or was this just coincidence?

Here's the mirror image of the Twin Towers on the cover of Supertramp's album.

You might be on to something here Spookycolt. Did you also know that if you set fire to this image is burns up just like the World Trade Center did. Coincidence, you tell me!
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Dec 2014
If you fold some bills you can see the message from the illuminati and how they advertised their attacks.

It's hilarious stuff, but some fuckwits actually believe this shit. I kid you not.
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Jun 2010
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That was a very good album.

Nothing more.
yup yup very good album, fun concert! I got to see them play in denmark back in the early 80s. I only had enough money for one concert that summer so it was either U2, The Police, or Supertramp.. no regrets going with Supertramp :listening_headphone


edit @Thx1138 add that to your epic sax list. epic piano too. and percussions.
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