Disruptor in Chief Trump bulldozes into NATO gathering - Celebrates Festivus

May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Things we heard and learned this morning:

  • Schiff and Pelosi are "crazy, sick liars" who have GALL to talk about Trump and conduct regularly scheduled House business when he's overseas
  • Putin, Baby Kim and Erdogan are our friends - Our allies suck
  • Nobody is paying their fair share
  • France is in an economic dumpster (said in front of Macron)
  • Canada is delinquent with UN dues (said in front of Trudeau)
  • Macron slammed for saying one uncomplimentary thing about NATO after Donald spent the last three years pissing on NATO
  • Maybe it would be best to wait until after the election to make a trade deal with China (DJIA down 450 points this morning)
  • Whine about impeachment - Whine about impeachment - Whine about impeachment - Lather/ Rinse/ Repeat

I''m embarrassed as hell of this president every F-ing time he crosses the pond. Per usual, he brought his Festivus Pole to celebrate the Season. It had EVERYTHING including the Airing of Grievances and The Feats of Strength. Jerry Stiller was doing Trump 20 years before Trump except that HE was funny. Donald is Embarrassing, Dangerous and SAD

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