Disturbing POLL: RACISTS are more likely to be REP most EXTREME ARE Trump supporters

Jul 2015
ZERO surprise but it is good to see decent people's instincts borne out in statistical measurements. We knew it intuitively, we aren't crazy. Decency should have ZERO to do with party affiliation. Too bad it does!

WEDNESDAY, JUL 6, 2016 05:59 AM EDT

The disturbing data on Republicans and racism: Trump backers are the most bigoted within the GOP

Racists are more likely to be Republicans — and the most extreme among them are Donald Trump supporters


[FONT=&amp]Presumptive 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a bigot. He wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States, believes that Hispanic and Latino immigrants come to America in order to rape and kill white women, uses anti-Semitic imagery to slur Hillary Clinton, and has been endorsed by white supremacists.

At present, the Republican Party is the United States’ largest white identity organization. There is a mountain of evidence in support of this claim. The Republican Party nurtures and cultivates hostility towards non-whites among its voters for the purpose of electoral gain. What is known as “The Southern Strategy” of racist “coded appeals” against African-Americans and other people of color has dominated Republican politics since (at least) the end of the civil rights movement. And during the Age of Obama, American politics has been poisoned by racist conspiracy theories such as “Birtherism,” lies that Barack Obama is a type of Manchurian candidate who actually hates America and wants to destroy it from within, efforts to rollback the won in blood gains of the Black Freedom Struggle, as well as unprecedented efforts by the Republican Party to abandon its basic responsibilities of governance in order to delegitimize the country’s first black president.

Donald Trump is not an outlier or aberration. In many ways, he perfectly embodies the racist attitudes and beliefs of the Republican Party in the post civil rights era. Likewise, Donald Trump’s supporters have enthusiastically embraced the Republican Party’s racism towards people of color, in general, and against black Americans, in particular.

As reported by a recent Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll, Donald Trump supporters possess extreme levels even as compared to other Republicans — of antipathy towards African-Americans:...


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