Djinn Implements Popular EV Distribution to Tuesday's Election



In other threads, I've described how I would like to see the Electoral College amended such that electoral votes are allocated to candidates based on the popular vote for each state.

I've run the numbers to show how it would have impacted this past presidential election. In yesterday's election, Obama won with 349 EVs to McCain's 163 EVs. In my scenario, Obama won with 282.87 EVs to McCain's 248.44 EVs.

In other words, Obama still would have won, but by a MUCH closer margin, as one might expect. Yes, I've broken electoral votes into fractions; it was necessary. In implementation, this could be easily avoided by multiplying all EV allocations by 100, but I figure you're all smart folks and can do this in your head.

Also, I didn't bother separating out individual candidates outside of the Democratic and Republican parties. I have a headache, and frankly, their numbers have little impact. If someone else wants to take over for such details, they're free to do so.