Do You Have A Favorite Sports Movie?

Mar 2019
rom call
Russian movie I like, "Rock Head" ("Kamennaya Bashka")

About a boxer (played by real life super heavyweight champ Nikolai Valuev, and possibly partially based on his own biography, according to some sources; he is also from a crime infested hood in St. Petersburg, just as where this is set), who goes against his promoter (and ruthless mobster), to defend a girl he fell in love with,whom that guy is forcing into prostitution...

Really shows the whole filthy, corrupt, criminal underworld of boxing in Russia...
His head always looked like a VW Beetle to me! Shape AND size!
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Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader
And don't forget the original. Here Comes Mister Jordan.
I've seen it, but didn't like it quite as much. I don't remember anything bad about it ... it just wasn't memorable.

Can M*A*S*H be considered a sports movie, with the game at the end?