Do you have a RIGHT to be where you are? Standing your ground and duty to retreat

Jul 2013
No. You just don’t want to come off your response because you are squeamish about the idea. And AGAIN, that is TOTALLY OK. It means you haven’t actually contemplated the issue on any level. Good for you. But since you haven’t. I will give you a quick scenario.

A large man (6’0 250lbs) is drunk and he picks a fight with a smaller man (say 5’5 140). The small guy tries to get away and leave the situation, but before he can react the drunk guy just grabs him and throws him to the ground and starts beating him and putting the boots to him. Should the small man just take his beating? Just for being smaller? Shouldn’t shoot the big guy even though he is armed?
Do you carry a gun 24/7?

Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
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I had a friend who was being harassed by an ex. She got beaten up one time by him and got her concealed. He tried again, but she saw him coming and drew down on him. Probably saved her life since escalating patterns of violence are a VERY VERY bad sign in an abusive relationship. He went to jail of course too.
Unfortunately (and this is a tad off-topic), in some cases she might have gone to jail also, or instead of.
Dec 2018
That probably explains why you're chomping at the bit to use it. Sad.
So basically, rather than engage me in any kind of discussion or address my rational refutation of your totally illogical conclusion (that is not based in reality), you accuse me of wanting to kill someone?

This is a sign that you realize I’ve demolished the stupid statements you were making.