Do you think Donald Trump has any friends?

Jul 2011
Not a Lounge thread...serious question.

I don't get the impression that Trump has anyone he hangs out with or cares about as a person. I've seen no sign of this. Of course, as president, it might not be apparent. I can't say I saw Obama ever relaxing with a college or high school friend.

Having friends, though, is one indicator of normal mental health. I have trouble imagining Trump having any friends, who aren't named Trump, and family HAS to hang out with him. Except maybe Tiffany.

Seriously though, do you think Trump has friends who like him as a buddy? Why or why not?
No it's not a serious question.

Rev. Hellh0und

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Jul 2011
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Not sure how “the guys a loser and has no friends” is a political discussion.

Aint he and kayne friends?
Apr 2012
Why? Was supposed to lose to stay friends?

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Joe had him on his show every day, even allowing Trump to call in long after others refused.

But then Trump threatened to expose their affair and told everyone about Mika’s bloody face left.

That finished the,” Our dear friend, Donald,” bit.
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