Do you think Donald Trump has any friends?

Nov 2008
Washington state
Joe had him on his show every day, even allowing Trump to call in long after others refused.

But then Trump threatened to expose their affair and told everyone about Mika’s bloody face left.

That finished the,” Our dear friend, Donald,” bit.
That’s horrible.

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Jan 2008
No. He doesn’t have friends and I hope the notion that a shitty human being can still be a good president has been out to rest forever.
D. Trump has never had any real friends.
His father taught him that people are all suckers to be fleeced.
Trump uses people until they are empty shells and then spits them out and then does;'t understand why he isn't loved.

He's a sick man but the real villains in this tragedy are the GOP leaders who use him to enrich themselves and have no allegiance to our country.
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Feb 2007
It's the guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks.

His name escapes me at the moment.

He's not a friend to The Great Pumpkin. At least not anymore.

I believe they owned several businesses together but you may be right.

I just like how mini-trump can't get the first pump right.
Aug 2006
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Do you think Robert Kraft would help Donald Trump move a couch?

I don't.
Sure he still dines with him and went to his inaugural party even though their politics are different. If he really didnt like him he wouldnt do that. A lot of Trumps contacts from his older days wont even talk to him now. Kraft still does and has even invited Trump to Gillette for a game.

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