Do You Think There is a Big Blue Wave Coming?

Do You Think There is a Big Blue Wave Coming?

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Oct 2013
Well .....

I guess if you consider a handful of Democrat victories a "big blue wave".

But, if you ever get out of that Alt Left Universe you reside in you should probably look up the definition of "big blue wave".
I consider a takeover of leadership in the House from across the nation by a multitude of districts to be a massive wave.
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Mar 2007
John, make no mistake, it is coming like it never came before.

Conservatives should live by these very simple rules.

1 Stay on the message.
2 Avoid demonstrative suporting of Trump.
3 Act as though the blue wave coming is a call to arms and VOTE.
4 Avoid typical pre-election bragging and the certain crow to be served up afterwards.
Here Are All The Republicans Retiring From Congress In 2018

Perhaps the idea of a blue wave and folks running away from Trump and their seats being lost should be considered?

On average, being anti-trump meant you quit.

The final list of ‘pure’ Republican retirements
Characteristics of Republican politicians who are leaving politics after 2018


Jeff FlakeArizona83.1%0.855R+7
Bob CorkerTennessee83.60.395R+27
Orrin HatchUtah96.00.382R+28
Ed RoyceCA-3997.60.659D+3
Darrell IssaCA-4992.70.506D+1
Dennis RossFL-1597.60.529R+11
Tom RooneyFL-1797.50.458R+27
Ileana Ros-LehtinenFL-2769.20.245D+14
Lynn JenkinsKS-0296.40.523R+20
Dave TrottMI-1198.80.372R+7
Gregg HarperMS-0398.80.384R+26
Frank LoBiondoNJ-0281.20.211R+4
Rodney FrelinghuysenNJ-1190.40.291R+5
Ryan CostelloPA-06*95.10.216D+5
Bill ShusterPA-13*98.80.374R+45
Trey GowdySC-0497.60.659R+28
John J. Duncan Jr.TN-0278.60.601R+38
Ted PoeTX-0291.30.595R+16
Sam JohnsonTX-0393.50.610R+21
Jeb HensarlingTX-0595.30.703R+31
Joe BartonTX-0691.60.528R+16
Lamar SmithTX-2196.40.425R+16
Tom GarrettVA-0578.80.974R+13
Bob GoodlatteVA-0695.30.495R+26
Dave ReichertWA-0891.50.223D+0.1
Paul RyanWI-0195.00.556R+11Average

(House retirements only) 92.10.484R+15
Average of all other House Republicans93.10.490R+24
Oct 2013
So I gathered ....

But, that doesn't make it so.

That does not fit the definition of a big blue wave.
As far as the so-called 'Blue Wave' words are concerned, I don't know who even came up with that however it fits what happened in the House. The problem for Democrats if they embraced those two words is that historic success can be buried as if they failed when the reality is they rocked it. To switch power in either house was the most important thing that democrats had to do. They did it.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
40% of our US senate will be over 70 by 2020. I expect a lot of retirements being announced in 2020 and 2022. Going to be interesting.

Southern Dad

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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
90% of your party is white...50% of mine, which party is less racist? Your doublethink and doublespeak only works on your own ilk....
Oddly, the slate of candidates that your party put forth in 2016 presidential race was all old and white. Compared to the Republican field which had a bit of everything mixed in there. Really ironic, isn't it.
Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
What in world are you talking about? How is taking the house and securing 7 new governors in any way "racist"?

Not my fault John gets so many things wrong, over and over and over again.
Then why state the sex, religion or race of those who won elections?