does anyone here care about the truth anymore?

which is more important?

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Jan 2008
Vertiform City

Does anyone care about truth?

Or is it all just a partisan charade?

The Republicans claim excessive regulation and excessive taxes are forcing businesses to send jobs overseas.

The Democrats claim that greedy businessmen are sending jobs overseas to increase their personal bonuses and line their personal pockets.

They're both wrong! The truth is something different.

Now, my question is, does anyone care about the truth? Because we spend an awful lot of time arguing back and forth about these two issues. Sometimes it's almost like people don't read each others' posts or something.

Who here has researched this issue? I mean, really researched it - who knows why exactly corporations are sending jobs (and contracts, and buyers) overseas?

Hint: you can't ask our politicians about that, they'll lie. You can't ask our economists, they don't know. You can ask the people who are actually doing it - the corporate CEO's and the middle executive layer.

Here's my take - we need to play whack-a-mole for a while. If you're interested in the truth (the truth being necessary, up front, if we're going to actually solve any of these problems), then we - individually and collectively - need to make a concerted effort to clobber the lies, wherever and whenever they occur - and as quickly as possible when they occur!

Don't beat around the bush (Bush?) either - something simple like "That's a lie!" will suffice. :)

There's a lot of people lying to us these days, isn't there?

And I don't like that stuff, do you? After all, we pay these idiots to tell us the truth, and instead they're lying to us 'cause they're getting more money from somewhere else.

We need to stop this flow of external money, don't we? Hm?
Jan 2008
Vertiform City
People only care about the truth when it confirms their beliefs and lends credence to their ideology. If not, they must attack it
Ha ha - well, what about the cases where the truth isn't known in advance, and needs to be evaluated?

Those are the most difficult ones, aren't they? Because as you say, people will jump onto whatever portion of the truth appears to validate their beliefs, and ignore the rest! Or worse yet, deny the rest. This part must be true because it fits my preconceived models, and this other part can't be true because it doesn't.

But there's an overwhelming reality that must be plainly obvious to all but the dimmest among us:

Our preconceived models are what's getting us where we are. Those models are bad models and they need to be updated - changed, altered, discarded when necessary and replaced with something better.

Republicans and Democrats speak truth only about their feelings. The first two words are usually true, so it's either "Obama sucks" or "Obama rocks", and every word after that is a partisan lie.

How can the truth ever be arrived at when there are so many encumbrances?
Sep 2006
Well, it won't be Romney, because if I wanted a corporate tool for president, I'd just vote for Obama since he's already there, and I like his personality more.

Johnson will be on my ballot, and even if we might differ in opinion on a few things, he'd make a much better president than the two puppets of the major parties.
Ha! I knew it.