Don Lemon rips Trump

Nov 2014
North Carolina


I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I don't like journalist that make the story about them

However, we're living in strange times.

Recommend watching the whole thing before responding.

Lemon takes on Trump like I've never seen a major TV news host take on a president before.
Lemon lost his journalist credentials awhile ago, Watchman.

I was starting to respect your independent thought when it came to media in this country, so don't ruin a good thing.

We both know this is not what journalism looks like.
Jan 2007
that was before we had a president that called them "enemy of the people". Like it says in the OP, we're living in strange times. I can't recall a president ever going after the media the way Trump does. He seems to have a particular hard on for CNN. Obviously the network backs Lemon. Did you watch the entire video?
Which came first, partisan biased reporting or the term "Fake News"
Jan 2007
Trump is an anomaly and it is HIS mouth that is the reason for all of this. He gives the media a lot to talk about. Lemon or any other journalist or media member did not do this to George Bush when he was POTUS. Trump makes it very difficult to respect him.
Do they hate him or his policies?
Jan 2007
That was in the days when reporting the news was considered a public service. Today the news dept. is driven to show PROFITS just like every other dept.
You know what makes profits in TV/media land? BLOOD...SEX...DRAMA...CONTROVERSY!!
The advertising whores call the shots. Just propaganda, much like political ads.
Jan 2007
Here is where we have common ground. TV today is a wasteland. If I want to watch TV I use the antennae and watch the old shows like Andy Griffith, Rawhide, Lucy, Rifleman, Wanted dead or alive, Have gun will travel, etc. They actually had a story.
Now near 50% of air time is advertising vomit.

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