Donald is bored in London

May 2019
West Haven
It's a useful word!

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in·vei·gle | \ in-ˈvā-gəl, sometimes -ˈvē- \
inveigled; inveigling\ in-ˈvā-g(ə-)liŋ , sometimes -ˈvē- \
Definition of inveigle

transitive verb
1: to win over by wiles : ENTICE
2: to acquire by ingenuity or flattery : WANGLE inveigled her way into a promotion
I actually thought you spelled it wrong. That whole i before e thing that has almost as many exceptions as applications I guess.
English sucks sometimes:mad:
Sep 2013
On a hill
Donald is STILL lonely and bored. It's like DERP - Of course Zelensky would say that there was nothing untoward about being blackmailed.
He KNOWS this POTUS and must kiss the ring or else get more of his people killed by Vlad.

Jebus H Fucking Christ - How dumb are you Drumpflings anyway? :rolleyes:

I wonder what trump threatened to get that announcement.
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
I wonder what trump threatened to get that announcement.
They are retweeting literally everything the Dotard pulls out of his fat orange ass.
What have we become and how are we now better off now than citizens than Russia, NoKo, Turkey or Philippines?
Jul 2014
I am aware of how the system works, and think the EC is like the human appendix - mostly harmless until it becomes toxic. In neither case is my acceptance an issue.
Well, you are partly correct.

Your acceptance and my acceptance has very little to do with it.

As long as America accepts it, we'll be fine.

And, most of America does accept it.

Of course when "their" nominee loses, some people all at once can't accept it.

Therein lies the problem, as we saw in 2016...
Jul 2014
No we are stuck with the one we have for the next 13 plus months. And he whines a hell of a lot more than Hillary ever even thought about doing. The epitome of the professional perpetual victim.
Giving up on that impeachment thingy already?

Come on now, ya gotta have faith...