Donald Trump's business deals Deutsche Bank, credit, and high finance

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Part 1. This is way too long of a story to address in one post. Let's start with Trump and his credit problems.

From an interview of David Enrich, finance editor of The New York Times:

DAVID ENRICH: Yeah. Well, as you said, Donald Trump was poison, basically, in the banking community. And he was poison because he had this annoying tendency of, one time after another, defaulting on the loans that a number of banks provided him. And banks understandably do not like when borrowers default. And it costs them and their clients hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars over a period of a number of years. And so by the late 1990s, Donald Trump's only source of borrowing really was from his father Fred.
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May 2013
Boise, ID
I can't WAIT to find out why Deutsche Bank kept loaning money to the Drumpfs even AFTER high ranking officers raised multiple red flags. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if it has something to do with laundered money from Russian oligarchs.

May 2012
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This isn't what the documentary on Discovery or History channel said about him.

He actually paid back his loans ahead of time.

So someone is lying and who wants to be its the New York Times?
Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Part II: Enter Deutsche Bank:

And he needed to re-establish access to the mainstream financial system. And how could he do that? He had really worn out his welcome over Wall Street. And he went looking for some other banks that might be willing to do business with him. And it just so happened that there was a new arrival on Wall Street. And it was Deutsche Bank, which is a big German lender, which at the time was 128 years old. And it was embarking on this mission to really increase the amount of business it did in the United States and to make itself a household name in America. And one way to do that was to try to line up some marquee clients - people with big names, splashy personalities and - to get some buzz going.
someone with a splashy personality who can get some buzz going.... whoever might it be?

And so Trump was looking from Deutsche Bank for a couple hundred million dollars initially. And Deutsche Bank looked into the project and was frankly impressed that Trump knew - he'd kind of priced everything out already; he knew how much the steel would cost, how much the windows would cost, things like that - and realized that this was their opportunity to get a really big deal in the U.S. So they agreed to lend him about $125 million at the time. And Trump was just giddy with gratitude. Frankly, the bank was giddy with gratitude, too. This is a very symbiotic relationship right from the start.
It was a marriage made in Heaven..... or was it?
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