"Don't tell me it doesn't work -- torture works"


Council Hall
Sep 2014
I think John McCain was involved in a hearing about the atrocities of Gitmo. A lot of information came out after that about the horrific things we did to those incarcerated in Gitmo. We did a whole lot more than waterboarding. The most sickening one was the rectal feedings. Trump actually repeated his support of torture in 2017. Torture is a dark stain on this Country. Torture is not what we are about. I really wish we could get out of the war business. The Country would be better for it.

Trump on torture: It 'absolutely' works
Jul 2013
On a happy trail
Well, we did, we have been embroiled in a perpetual state of armed conflict including what is now a multi-generational conflict.

Actually the record is quite clear that of all the Presidents in my living memory, which is basically Reagan on (I really don't remember Carter) Trump is the single most peaceful one. By far I might add.
Carter sent teams of negotiators to the USSR trying for a peaceful solution to the cold war.
Sep 2013
On a hill
Yes, you're missing the ARTICLE content.

Here, I'll help you out:

First of all, it's a case of Trump undermining America's higher standards (like saying it's okay to pose with a human trophy, even a 12-year-old). Second of all, what does Trump know about torture? "Believe me, it works."<--??? WTF.

You okay with America torturing people, Jeremy? Yes or no.
I think what trump means is that if threatened with pain, he'd sing like a canary.