Dow closes over 26,000


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Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
and my 401K is within percentage points of where it was in October.

Funny, I remember a bunch of our resident liberals walking around with sandwich boards reading "the end of the world is nigh" back in December.
You're basically saying that your last four months of 401k contributions have nearly shored up your earlier losses. Well done!
Jan 2016
High risk for sure. Other things like a dust up in Venezuela or Brexit issues could topple world markets as well..
We are barely a month away from a no-deal BREXIT, which could indeed be catastrophic for not just the British economy, but the European economy as well. And yes, that would have repercussions for the American economy as well. And even if we do get a deal with the Chinese, which I think is increasingly likely, Trump may decide to impose 25% tariffs on all imported cars, given the recent report that came to him from the Commerce Department. After all, he calls himself a 'Tariff Man'.

And, yeah, Venezuela. What a mess. Possible civil war. And Trump could blunder us into an American intervention in that mess.
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