Drug prices experienced the biggest decline in 46 years

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
So says the pres.
[B]The White House[/B]‏Verified account @[B]WhiteHouse[/B]

President Trump's commitment to improving the quality of life for all Americans has led to the largest single decline in drug prices in 46 YEARS.
Why does Trump speak of himself in the third person, I wonder? Dittohead not! does not do this.

Wouldn't it be great if what Trump says were really true? Unfortunately, though:

The president first said drug prices would start dropping in May, but an Associated Press investigation of drug prices in the first half of 2018 found that overall prices were still on the rise. Over the first seven months of 2018, the AP found that there were 96 price hikes for every price cut.
Fact (pesky, dry, dull old facts. Who pays attention to them anyway?) checker


Dec 2014
Perhaps he meant that the rate of price increases would start dropping? Nah, even I can't buy into that.

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