Early Pleistocene Bird From Europe Was Three Times The Size Of An Ostrich!

Jan 2016
And our proto-human ancestors probably encountered this creature when they migrated out of Africa and into the Middle East and beyond. This discovery in a Crimean cave is not too far from the early hominid site at Dmanisi, in Georgia. This was a totally unexpected discovery-----this MAY be the biggest bird in geological history, certainly rivaling the very recently extinct 'elephant bird' of Madagascar. We had no idea such large birds were wandering around in Eurasia some two million years ago. We thought most giant birds were to be found on remote oceanic islands, like New Zealand and Madagascar.....

Bird three times larger than ostrich discovered in Crimean cave: First evidence that giant ostrich-like birds once roamed Europe
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May 2012
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I know but since its a new discovery and renderings are hard to come by I just used the elephant bird for comparison.

Excellent find by the way.

Your thread creation in the science area has led me to research many things I've never known about so thank you for that.
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