Ebola: It's back

Jul 2015
THIS TERRIFIES ME MORE FROM THIS ADMINISTRATION than anything else, non-nuclear, or some entity hitting the GRID. If it comes here, UNLIKE UNDER OBAMA, who handled it MASTERFULLY (and no one ever even mentions it), WE WILL FUCK IT UP UNDER TRUMP and many more people will die.

If you are pray'rs, pray that doesn't come here under Trump!
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Jul 2014
Border Fence
It's not an airborne illness, it doesn't spread like that in places like the US.
How or when a disease ebbs and flows has nothing to do with its mode of transmission.

Ebola may ebb and flow as humans come more and less into contact with those vectors. Usually that is a seasonal differential.

Flu was used as example, because people understand a flu season. The season in which people are in closer contact with one another allowing the easier mode of transmission.

Diseases react to their vector's movements and diseases ebb and flow according to how that vector moves among the human population...even if the vector is humans.

Ebola is a zoonotic disease, which means that it occurs naturally in animals but that it can be transmitted to humans. Researchers aren’t sure yet which animal(s) are the hosts, but the frontrunner is the fruit bat. One of the biggest reasons that determining the host has been so difficult is that Ebola outbreaks ebb and flow, suggesting a rare species might be the host.
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May 2016
I think the Ebola vaccine problem is that it is hard to make one vaccine for all the variants of Ebola and then there are worries about a possible mutated airborne version. Last time they allowed some people to come to the US for treatment saying they could contain it but then there was a flurry of contagion protocol violations that didn't evoke confidence in that statement of under control. Modern society's public transit will probably someday produce a worldwide pandemic.

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