Eight Questions for Russia Hoaxers to Answer After End of Mueller Probe

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Now that special counsel Robert S. Mueller’s final report predictably found no collusion between Donald Trump or his 2016 campaign and Russia, it is time for the appropriate investigative authorities to probe the possibility of crimes committed in the perpetuation of the Russia collusion hoax.

Below, in no particular order, are eight key questions related to possible wrongdoing in the sordid Russia collusion affair.

1 – Was a false crime deliberately reported to the FBI?

2 – Were Obama administration officials involved in passing dossier charges of questionable political origin to the FBI or bolstering Steele’s credibility to the bureau?

3 – Did James Comey withhold from the FISA court key information raising questions about the dossier, which was utilized as evidence in successful FISA applications to obtain successive warrants to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, a former adviser to President Trump’s 2016 campaign?

4 – Who leaked a classified briefing about the dossier contents to CNN?

5 – Why were Obama and Trump briefed on the dossier in the first place given that the questionable document was funded by Trump’s primary political opponents and the FBI itself could not corroborate the wild material?

6 – What role, if any, did the Obama-era Justice Department play in perpetuating the politically tinged Russia collusion narrative?

7 – Was the Clinton-funded dossier utilized in the Obama-era Intelligence Community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election? Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan gave contradictory testimony on the matter.

8 – Was the infamous Trump Tower meeting a political dirty trick against the Trump campaign?

Eight Questions for Russia Hoaxers to Answer After End of Mueller Probe | Breitbart

When I first posted these question I thought this may be a good topic of Political Discussion.

But, after carefully reading through each question I realize now tha most on the Left are not familiar enough with this story to even discuss these questions.

If you have only been following the fake news about this story then you probably will not be up to speed on these topics but, feel free to discuss anyway.