Elected or Appointed Superintendent?

Dec 2018
Which do you think is better? Why? Currently Florida has like 40 elected and 20 hired (I don’t know exact figures).

Personally? A superintendent is a professional position that should not be elected. It requires intelligence and experience. That is not something you get with elected politicians.
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May 2012
By the wall
There is an argument to made on both sides.

An appointed one is probably going to be far more qualified but an elected one gives the people more control over the schools.

Generally there is less turnover with elected ones also.

I've worked with both in the past and I find it much easier to work with elected ones than appointed ones who always seem to be asshats.

I would have to say I'd go with elected superintendents simply on the basis that the people can remove him if they want.

Its much more difficult to remove an appointed person.