Elizabeth Warren claimed 'American Indian' race on State Bar of Texas registration card

Oct 2013
From One Mutt To Another:

What a bunch of phonies. My heritage was easy as all 4 of my grandparents came from European countries. My 1st born American Mom and dad passed on the family history. I put that information on any form that required it including Government census and more.

And then came DNA

I am here to tell you that DNA shows that even Europe is as much of a melting pot as the US which means I am everything handed down but with much less strength and so much more. So I know that those of you with more than 2nd generation family history are even more diluted than I am. Big fakers. You aren't Italian, Indian, German, Russian, or any other lone or three country group handed down information you were told. You are a stew. A mutt. And so now you attack Warren as if she isn't you?

And by the way Warren saying she is not a part of the Cherokee Nation doesn't mean she did not have a handed down Indian relative in her family. It only means she is not a member of that organization. I can understand why the Cherokee Nation is angrier about her taking the relatively new access to DNA testing than her saying she is Indian. I am pretty sure that the melting pot bloodline impacts them too. Don't ask/don't tell may apply.

Bottom line...

Pretend she lied you diluted biological wonders. Lol