Elizabeth Warren Claims Her Kids Were Educated In Public School

Sep 2016
My own world
Her daughter, Amelia, however, appeared in a 1987 yearbook from Anderson High School, a public school ranked as one of the best in the country per US News and World Report.

Where in your link does it show all her children went to public schools exclusively? She didn't lie, her kids went to public schools.You people are really desperate if a one line comment that turned out to be true wasn't specific enough for you. Her son attended up to 5th grade in public school and her daughter attended public school all the way through. I suppose in that conversation she should have qualified her statement to pass the strict truth the Republicans apply to Trump's comments. NOT. Go pound sand and clean your own candidates statements up so he goes from making totally made up lies to those that reach the bar that Warren has reached were she doesn't lie. I'm sure it will satisfy Republicans if is gives answers to every question down to every minute details even when it doesn't have a baring on the actual discussion. NOT.
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