Era-defining images


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Apr 2007
Deep State
The first two have historical significance , the last one represents Mr. Phillips' lie and your lie that it's era defining.
Okay. That's what you see.
But I'm not clear what you think the lie is. I see a presumably white boy in a MAGA cap facing a native American drumming. Is that not what you see? Did this image not captivate the nation for several days?
Jan 2016
This one gets points off for being too obvious.

Thx :)
OK, points off for being too obvious, yes, but then points added back in, because unbeknownst to most Americans, Donald Trump practiced the Il Duce look in front of a full-length mirror for hours and hours and hours during his marriage with Ivana. That was also when his favorite bedside reading material was a book of speeches by some guy named Adolf.
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