Erdogan pulls the Nazi card

Jun 2014
EU. Hang Vlad Tepes from the Kremlin.
Erdoğan accuses Germany of 'Nazi practices' over blocked political rallies | The Guardian

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has lashed out at Germany for blocking several rallies on its soil in the run-up to a referendum in Turkey, likening its stance to Nazi practices.

“Your practices are not different from the Nazi practices of the past,” he said of Germany at a women’s rally in Istanbul before the referendum on changes to the constitution that would bolster his powers as president.

“I thought it’s been a long time since Germany left [Nazi practices]. We are mistaken,” he added.

Maybe, just maybe, you should look over your shoulder to your new best friend Putin for a much better analogy to Adolf, arkadaşim.
Jul 2014
I thought you were referring to the anti-Trump crowd.

Including some of our members.

They do that a lot, too.


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Oct 2015
During the coup they were running people over with tanks and shooting into crowds with a helicopter.

Erdogan say wha???
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Jan 2015
Left coast
Turkey used to be a secular country with the population being majority Muslim. Note the past tense.

Erdogan is quite rapidly transforming himself into an Islamic dictator.

What a shame.
Sep 2016
The way of Erdogan is clear. It will end with his death. The question is how long his people let him do his nonsense any longer. Latest if he will have created hundred thousands of murderers of hundred thousands of victims in Turkey then we will be in a situation in Turkey how it was about hundred years ago. The democracies in the western world lose the NATO-member Turkey.

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Sep 2016
Turkey used to be a secular country ...
Not really secular. They always had a ministry for religion with hundred thousands officials. Nearly everyone called this system "Laizism". I guess the people of the left political spectrum were satisfied with this atheistic system, because they thought they are able with this system to control the Muslims. But now the religion Atheism lost control about the religion Islam in Turkey. In the Osman Empire lived once lots of Christians - but they don't exist any longer. So what will come now in Turkey will be something new. I guess it will have parallels to the Wahhabis in Saudi-Arabia. Germany is in the moment not in a comfortable situation, because the Turkish government - criminals now - control the most mosques in Germany. I don't know how many extremists the Turkish government is able to activate in Germany.

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Sep 2016
Maybe Trump will do some subcontracting with these guys.

Ya think?
I guess this had happened. I don't give a damn about Obama or about Trump in this context as long as the USA is able to have centers for their military activities in Turkey. In the moment the USA has anyway only one problem: Donald Trump - all others problems suddenly don't exist any longer. I guess in some years call the people the situation of the USA now "the never ending campaign" or "how to sleep by doing a lot".

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