Erdogan vs. Bolton


Jan 2015
Left coast
I have been questioning Turkeys role in NATO for years. Makes no sense.
Until about what, ten years ago? Turkey was a fully democratic secular though predominantly Muslim country. Then under Erdogan it started drifting towards mild fundamentalism and then kept going. The relatively recent coup attempt really pushed Erdogan over the edge and I too am starting to think that in fact punting them from NATO might be wise.

But I did like his put-down about how the version of what the US is going to do with respect to Syria seems to depend on who is speaking and what day they are saying it. He did phrase it very slightly nicer than that.
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Aug 2018
Crazy world when I'm rooting for John Bolton.

Turkey's Erdogan shuts down White House's Bolton on Syria, says he made a 'serious mistake'

Somebody explain to me again why having Turkey as a NATO state is worth it?
My thoughts exactly. What kind of homicidal maniac makes me end up siding with Bolton?

And I can’t explain Turkeys continuing membership in NATO. Surely “not murdering judges and opposition leaders who dare question you” is somewhere in the NATO membership policy.