Eric Holder a suspect in murder investigation.


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Not an April Fools prank.
The Los Angeles Police Department has officially named 29-year-old Eric Holder as a suspect in the murder of Nipsey Hussle. A warrant is being issued for his arrest.

LAPD released a photo of Holder, saying he was “last seen in a 2016 white 4 door Chevy Cruze CA license plate 7RJD742.” Detectives are “seeking the public’s help in locating the suspect involved in a multiple victim shooting which resulted in a homicide.”
Suspect in Nipsey Hussle shooting identified as chaos breaks out at vigil

Not to be confused with former Attorney General Eric Holder who sent a bunch of guns to Mexican drug cartels.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
A.G. Eric Holder was responsible for other murders, like Brian Terry and the 14 children at MSD High School.

But, not for Nipsey Hussle.
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