Eric Trump's Brother-In-Law Named Chief Of Staff Of An Energy Department Office

Feb 2007
In my mind
What's that smell? The morning after broccoli night? A dead opossum left in the sun?

nah, just the stench of Turmp nepotism.

Indeed, it appears even being an in law of a Trump sperm gets one a job, with dubious qualifications.

The brother in law of the lesser of two Trump sons got a gig at the DOE, going form a temporary sort of guy (whose qualifications at the time appear to be who his sister was married to) to a real job, for which his qualifications again appear to be who his sister is married to.

Member when Trump said he would only hire the best people? I think what he meant to say was the people who were related to his kids through marriage.

Eric Trump's Brother-In-Law Named Chief Of Staff Of An Energy Department Office

President Donald Trump has hired his son's brother-in-law to oversee an Energy Department office that apparently is dismantling some of former President Barack Obama's climate change initiatives.

Lara Trump's brother, Kyle Yunaska, has been named chief of staff of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, E&E News reported on Wednesday. Lara Trump is married to Eric Trump, the president's third child.

As chief of staff, Yunaska will advise Executive Director Sean Cunningham and his deputy Carol Battershell, according to the Energy Department website. But here's where it gets interesting: Under Obama, the Energy Policy and Systems Analysis office oversaw initiatives to fight climate change, but it's unclear if that approach will continue. In his prior job as a lobbyist, Cunningham reportedly helped develop a directive to subsidize coal and nuclear power.