Europe’s First Exoskeleton-Assisted Surgery

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Jul 2011

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Doctors at a hospital in southern Russia have conducted what they say is Europe’s first surgery with the help of exoskeletons, the state-run lender Sberbank announced on Monday.

ExoChair, developed with help from Sberbank’s robotics division, is designed to support the lower limbs and pelvic region to help reduce fatigue and improve efficiency among workers who stand for prolonged periods of time.

The exoskeleton was used by doctors during a 12-hour urological surgery at the Second Regional Clinical Hospital in Russia’s southern city of Rostov-on-Don, the hospital said.

“This is the first experience of using exoskeletons in Russia and Europe to support surgeons, and we consider it to be successful,” Stanislav Kuznetsov, the vice president of Sberbank, said in a statement.

He said that the ExoChair’s lower price gave it an advantage over its closest competitor in Japan.

In Monday’s press release, the bank said the “passive industrial exoskeleton” was initially intended for Sberbank employees before its designers recognized its wider applications.

Sberbank said it took the doctors’ advice into account as it plans to improve the device’s usability.
Russia Claims Europe’s First Exoskeleton-Assisted Surgery

ExoChair /

Sberbank is, well, a bank, Russia's biggest; but it is also that country leading high-tech company, really, at this point. Robots and such have become their shtick in recent times...

It is normal now at many of their urban branches, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, to find various robots assisting customers with basic tasks and promoting and advertising for the company

They have a girl robot too, Kiki


It's no joke, they've developed robotized, automatized cash-counting systems

which are being installed at more and more branches, replacing increasing numbers of human employees. (Top one is not Sberbank, but from "Quantum Systems", another, competing Russian tech company, which develops similar stuff for other banks there who don't have Sberbank's own labs and geeks hehe)

Sberbank's lab are also the ones who've developed Fedor, Russia's most advanced, smartest robot ever so far

who is now being adapted by the military and even space agencies for own needs:
A robot being trained to shoot guns is ‘not a Terminator’, insists Russia's deputy PM
Russian Space Agency is Preparing to Send Humanoid Robots to the ISS


I believe even their ATMs are the most advanced in the country

I heard some of them now can recognize customers by their fingerprints, eye scan, or voice, instead of necessarily putting in your card, no joke...

Not everyone likes it, either, of course lmao

Plenty of older folks who grew up in Soviet Union fear their robots and actually avoid the higher tech branches because of it.

Kids love em though, apparently


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