European Far Right meets in Russia

Jul 2014
The Kingdom of Heaven
Representatives of far right parties from across Europe, as well as like-minded Russians, met at a summit in Russia's St. Petersburg.

A small group of Russians who attempted to protest this event were chased away by police

Some 150 representatives of far-right parties across Europe have been meeting in Russia to co-ordinate policy.
The event in St Petersburg, organised by the pro-Kremlin Rodina party, heard strong criticism of the West's support for the Ukrainian government.
Those attending included the ousted leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, Udo Voigt from the German neo-Nazi NPD, and Greece's Golden Dawn.
A small anti-fascist protest outside the venue was dispersed by police.
Europe far-right parties meet in St Petersburg, Russia - BBC News

Putin sure has chosen himself an interesting set of allies in Europe, considering his claims of fighting "fascism" in Ukraine...
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
This is the kind of stuff people forget about. Many say "it doesn't affect us over here" but if these types start winning all over, it will. It doesn't take much to get a fringe government going over some fear or issue. France is experiencing a huge surge of nationalism there and Marie LePen is becoming more well known.