Fabulous UK Anti-Trump Protests

Jan 2016
That's ALMOST the title of a book by Stephen King, by the way:

11/22/63 - Wikipedia

Pretty fun book to read.

Stephen King is fully convinced, by the way, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the LONE assassin who killed John F. Kennedy.

And I pretty much strongly agree.

I'm not real big on wacky conspiracy theories.

I leave all that kind of stuff for all you Trump Chumps.

The only conspiracy theory I've ever given much credence to is the one that says the real Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in late 1966, and was replaced in the Beatles by an impostor, because British Intelligence feared that THOUSANDS of British girls would commit suicide if they heard that Paul had died. That has the ring of truth to it, because I find it REAL hard to believe that the guy who wrote 'Yesterday' and 'Eleanor Rigby' could go on to write 'Silly Love Songs', no matter HOW much pot he had smoked in between.
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Mar 2019
Nor is a DATE a 'who'.

You don't seem to 'fathom' the simple 'Who, What, When, Where' type of questions, do you?

I suppose your next retort, or response, or rebuttal, is going to consist of the one word: Dallas.
No_Off TOPIC. Like I said.Start a thread and I will give you who did NOT do it.
Feb 2011
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No_Off TOPIC. Like I said.Start a thread and I will give you who did NOT do it.

for once, you're right: The thread is totally derailed.

So, let's get it back on track:

Why is it so many people in London are protesting against Donald Trump?


How is it he continues to deny that people are protesting? Is he just in an alternate reality, or what?
Jan 2007
So they don't like him because of:

He is responsible for rampant xenophobia, sexism and transphobia . Nit wits need to get a life.