FACT CHECK: NO Soros, DEMs or lefties paid for MIGRANTs caravan/MEX. police shot, YEARS ago--NO part of caravan/Caravan put on trains and buses, FALSE

Jul 2015
Hell, TRUMP just pushed this YESTERDAY in his "women don't want them, they want security" speech, MEXICANS WERE SHOT 'did you see those pictures, horrible'. The beaten Mexican police, happened SEVERAL YEARS AGO. Money being paid for the caravan with solicitations in newspapers, money being handed out in line, George Soros paying for them--all found to be FALSE, FALSE, FALSE. (A CONGRESSMAN helped promulgate that lie. Guess which party. And of course it is RUNNING here). The caravans fast pace being attributed to them being put on buses and on trains? PICTURES yes, 5 year old photos. Maybe it was another 'caravan of invaders'.

Click on each that you might have seen on the winger-shit slinging sites of lies and fabrications and here. There are MANY that are addressed. This is only the FIRST of 4 pages...

Video of Cop Killer Becomes Trump Campaign Push
2 November 2018 The widows of two police officers the Mexican immigrant murdered were invited to Trump's 2017 address to Congress.

Migrants Prepare to Cross Guatemala-Mexico Border
19 October 2018 The migrants are mostly Hondurans, but others have joined the caravan en route.

Did an Ad Offer to Pay for Participation in the Central American MigrantCaravan?
26 October 2018 A misleading use of search terms creates amusing and sometimes alarming impressions among internet users.

Were These Mexican Police Officers Brutalized by Members of a MigrantCaravan?
22 October 2018 A series of photographs showing injured police officers are genuine, but they are several years old and have nothing to do with immigrants or caravans.

Did George Soros Pay Refugees in Honduras to Join a Caravan and Storm the US Border?
19 October 2018 A baseless, fear-mongering and factually inaccurate tweet claiming that a group of refugees in Honduras were paid by George Soros to storm the border was posted by a United States Congressman in October 2018.

Mexico Slowly Processes Caravan Migrants at Guatemala Border
20 October 2018 Authorities began handing out numbers for people to be processed in a strategy seen before at U.S. border posts when large numbers of migrants show up there.

Synagogue Shooter Was Obsessed with Jewish Refugee Agency
30 October 2018 The group, formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, was founded in 1881 in a Manhattan storefront to assist Jews persecuted in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Pressure Turns to Mexico as Migrant Caravan Heads for Border
18 October 2018 As about 3,000 Hondurans made their way through Guatemala, attention — and pressure — turned to Mexico.

Migrant Caravan to Rest Following Report of Abducted Child
27 October 2018 Coordinators of a caravan of several thousand Central American migrants moving through southern Mexico urged its members to rest.

Trump Says Without Evidence That Dems Are Behind 'Caravan'
19 October 2018 "This will be an election of Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order, and common sense," Trump said.

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Jul 2015
NYT Times, fact check, (The LIES and 'gross distortions, Trump is peddling). Even I knew, without GOOGLE available driving down the road yesterday when I heard his LATEST rant about the caravan bringing drugs, that the BULK of drugs are still coming through LEGAL (capitalist) means--by truck with papers bringing goods into the US. I also heard him mention fentanyl and was immediately suspect. Heroin has ALWAYS come up that way.

Trump’s Falsehood-Laden Speech on Immigration

We are miserably losing this fight to prevent fentanyl from entering our country and killing our citizens,”
the president’s opioids commission reported last November. “We are losing this fight predominately through China.”
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Oct 2014
And yet you SOURCE NOTHING!! You don't even TRY with the usually litany of SHIT sites. Hummm.....
Because nobody reads sources.

Those fact checkers, they are targeted at people who don't really think, that's why they put the conclusions up top and make shiny graphics.

Reading through them and applying logic, makes a big difference. No joke, so often they are so poorly written that even on issues where I know the conclusion is correct, the article almost proves the opposite.

Tldr: you would be better off stating your opinion than sourcing fact checkers.