Fact Check: Trump claimed tax bill provides $3.2 trillion in tax cuts, but it's actua

Feb 2007
In my mind
Is the president pathologically incapable fo being truthful?

Or does he simply not know?

Perhaps both.

Indeed, Trump invents a number about the tax bill, and seemingly that number is out of thin air.


President Donald Trump inflated the benefits of the tax overhaul when he claimed it provides “$3.2 trillion … in tax cuts for American families.” It actually totals about $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for all taxpayers, including corporations.

Trump shows only one side of the tax ledger. He counts tax changes that cut taxes and ignores those that will increase taxes.

For example, doubling the standard deduction results in $720 billion less in tax revenues over 10 years, but repealing personal exemptions increases tax revenues by more than $1.2 trillion.
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Nov 2013
Not sure what you’re trying to get at here... but it sounds bad in USA Today, and in your post.

The crappy tax bill (RFG - rich fucks gift) signed into law today, will increase the country‘s debt by at least 1.5 trillion $ in the next decade, based on reliable assumptions.
That I give you.

Does that mean that the overall tax revenue decrease might be NOT 3.2 trillion ? Not at all.

Some of the gift to the 1% might be offset by economy boost, some companies paying some taxes in the US again...leaving us with ONLY 1.5 trillion that’s unpaid for.

To use that number as the ultimate and only tax revenue decrease... is dishonest, and is actually to generous to the GOP fuckups.

Hold them accountable for the whole mess!
Apr 2012
The bill also cuts 400million from Medicare. For some reason no one talks about that.

One more result of this change adding to the debt will be Republican attempts to cut Social Security. Then what else will be cut?