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Jul 2011

Great Russian flick just came out.

Basically, bunch of people work in a factory in a typical squalid rural Russian town, among them, a one special forces veteran missing one eye from an old battle injury, identified on screen only by his nickname "Sedoy" ("Grey")

Konstantin Kalugin, a local oligarch, owns the factory

One day, Kalugin calls together all the workers, and tells them the factory is not generating enough profit for him, so he is shutting it down, and they are all out of work

Just like that, the typical rich bastard doesn't care that they all have families to feed and such

Shit like this happens over there...

"Grey" then recruits a bunch of the other men from the factory, mainly fellow military vets

Long story short, as the trailer video shows, the angry workers arm themselves, take over the factory, and abduct Kalugin, demanding a ransom for him.

The factory complex than becomes a bloody war zone, between the armed workers, led by "Grey"

and mercenary thugs from Kalugin's security squad, led by a guy nicknamed "Tuman" ("Mist") another ex-Spetsnaz cutthroat (right)

"Mist" is as loyal to his boss as "Grey" is to his comrade workers.

I gather it ends with a lot of men dying, fucking Kalugin survives, the rich SOBs always do... and the police arrives and takes down everyone still standing

So, at least, I think, he ends up in prison :D

Great movie, overall reflecting the realities of life in those fucked up factory towns... Such violence is actually not unprecedented in there either, though it had tapered off as Putin did, for a time, manage to raise wages and improve people's living standards somewhat, off higher oil prices and such.

But now that the economy is getting worse again, this shit could also start again too. This is a warning, this film is...
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