Far be it from me, its not my place...

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Dare we hope that an independent could actually win and end the hegemony of the two major parties? Could the government once again become functional? Could the hyper partisanship of the past decade or so finally end?

Or will Shultz simply split the vote of Democrats and get us saddled with another four years of Trump?

I don't know.

I'd like to think he might split the Republican vote, maybe, and get Trump out that way, even if Shultz loses the election.

But, then, there are the evangelicals who are determined to help bring about the second coming and so will vote for Trump no matter what he does. He did move the embassy to Jerusalem, after all.
Jun 2014
United States
So parliamentary democracies never pass laws? Really? They aren't all Italy.

No, I was being somewhat hyperbolic, since that was the tenor of the thread to begin with.

My only point is that, taken as a whole, existing multi-party systems have no better record of good governance than do two party systems.