Farm bill derailed by Republicans showing their collective @$$


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Dec 2010
Awww! Poor bebbies.

Farm Bill's Failure Poisons Well in House | Goppers

Updated 6:23 p.m. | The House’s stunning defeat of the farm bill Thursday dealt another blow to Speaker John A. Boehner’s leadership and set off a poisonous round of partisan finger-pointing that raised questions about the ability of the chamber to craft bipartisan deals on immigration, the budget and the debt later this year.

As the dust settled after the resounding 195-234 vote, stakeholders traded blame over how the bill failed after days of debate on more than 100 amendments and were looking ahead to the fallout.

“I’d think that Democrats’ decision to sandbag us on the farm bill today makes it obvious how impractical it would be to rely on them for votes on immigration,” a GOP leadership aide said.

Democrats contended just the opposite — that Republicans had taken their votes for granted and jammed partisan amendments down their throats.

“It shows [Boehner] can’t pass anything with his own votes,” a Democratic leadership aide said. “The progress with immigration needs to be bipartisan … the only answer is, they gotta work with Democrats. They don’t have a choice.”

Republicans fumed, however, that Democrats promised they would deliver 40 votes only to withdraw them at the very last minute. Sixty-two Republicans voted against the bill, while two dozen Democrats supported it.

Most Democrats opposed the bill, unhappy with a $20.5 billion, 10-year cut to food stamps and backed by a White House veto threat, while Republicans split into competing factions, with a sizable group egged on by a host of conservative interest groups opposed the bill over concerns it did not cut deeply enough.
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
Food Stamp Cuts Derail Farm Bill

They got a little too slash happy on poor people, and the bill failed.
More than 75% of the so-called "farm bill" has to do with "nutrition assistance," so it's not like this was just it was some minor little snag that held it up. It's the bulk of the funding. link

The federal government has long been way more involved in feeding us than I've ever agreed with. I'll leave the outrage for the welfare statist bleeding hearts and partisan banterers.

Feb 2011
Boise, ID
Gosh! I'm sorry, Eric. Just what have YOU been doing the past five years?
Partisan dimwit voters have something fundamentally in common with D.C. slime, which is that they don't care whatsofuckingever what legislation they're peddling, all they care about is playing games with it to make themselves look good and make their opponents look bad. This sort of partisan narcissism is rampant in both parties and probably the most destructive aspect of our system of government right now.

And it's why I tend to oppose virtually every manner in which federal government powers are expanded and strengthened.
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Oct 2010
In the empty heads of the right wingers I own
I'm glad it fell apart. They should be increasing nutrition aid, since the GOP is killing jobs and economic recovery.
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