FBI: Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July


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Yes, I know at least one individual personally whose machine has been compromised by one of these rootkits.
Nasty stuff. People who aren't knowledgeable enough to be responsible with their computers should stay offline in the first place...it's like those assholes who send their sick children to school only to spread the illness.
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They keep saying this. We were supposed to lose it on April first. Me thinks they want their internet control bills passed.
Bingo. FTA:

"This is the future of what we will be doing," said Eric Strom, a unit chief in the FBI's Cyber Division. "Until there is a change in legal system, both inside and outside the United States, to get up to speed with the cyber problem, we will have to go down these paths, trail-blazing if you will, on these types of investigations."
Sounds like a honeypot to me. Let's see who we can infect with a virus by telling them they are infected with a virus. And it will be all the same people that STILL fall for the oldest trick on the internet. Don't download shit from "a security firm working with the Federal Government". That even SOUNDS like a bad fucking idea. Let the internet research this and decide if it's legit or not.
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Thanks [MENTION=3628]Chief[/MENTION]

Wow, did you go to the click in the article?
Is it safe to go there? I don't know anything about dcwg.org

Jack, before I went anywhere I wanted to make sure it was legit. The link Chief gave is the one in the article, and Ill look at it this morning.

I think Ill have the resident expert @johnflesh what he thinks before I actually head there.

Thanks to Ronin and Michael for putting MORE fear into this. I could have done with a Yes, its legit, or No, its not....:dispirited:

Im pretty sure I should be ok. I dont to places I shouldnt and dont open links from people I dont know, and have a good firewall and virus software. I generally feel pretty safe, but you never know these days.