Federal Deficit Tops One Trillion for Fourth Straight Year

Aug 2012
That's just updated data for 2012. 2013 might come in a little less than that but I am quite certain it will more than currently projected. The "good news" on this year's deficit is based on "better than expected" tax receipts early in 2014 but, despite lefty "experts" like Paul Krugman declaring budgetary success, that was primarily due to the rich pulling income forward to avoid the Obama tax increases on January 1. It will NOT be repeated. And Krugman will be back to glumly denigrating Republicans for not passing the "jobs" bill.
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Sep 2011
Monthly Budget Review for June 2013
The federal government ran a budget deficit of $512 billion from October 2012 through June 2013 (the first nine months of fiscal year 2013), according to CBO’s estimates. That amount is almost $400 billion less than the shortfall recorded during the same period last year because revenues have risen significantly, while the government’s spending has declined.
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Jun 2008
Passing Through
Deficits don't matter, we need more spending. We are headed to a one world currency and it ain't going to be the dollar, so we might as well print all we desire now while it is still worth something. I say we print enough to pay off all our creditors.
Oct 2010
In the empty heads of the right wingers I own
Wrong. It was you people in the spring that claimed the deficit for 2012 was about half of this amount. Again your ignorance caught up with you.
Look at the fiscal years, mike. It's in English.

Even mtm1963 saw it.
Apr 2012
Left gets caught and still deny it. Obama has been spending yet he does nothing for the economy or jobs. What an incompetent politician


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Look at the fiscal years, mike. It's in English.

Even mtm1963 saw it.
I know what year the report was for. The left claimed about half this amount for the same year. I can't possibly give you this year's total deficit until the end of the fiscal year, and even then it takes a while to cut the truth from the BS. Do you honestly think that I thought I could do that Shanty?