Federal judge hears arguments on ranked choice voting as recount begins

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
This could be a mess..

Attorneys for Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin attempted to persuade a U.S. District Court judge Wednesday that Maine’s landmark ranked-choice voting law violates the U.S. Constitution because its unique runoff system produces a “faux majority” winner of elections and disenfranchises voters.

Those arguments were presented to U.S. District Court Judge Lance Walker during a hearing that could have significant ramifications for the voting system that Mainers approved via ballot initiative two years ago. The legal challenge could also be just the first step in Poliquin’s attempts to reverse a 2nd Congressional District race won by his opponent, Democrat Jared Golden, and is part of a broader effort to invalidate a voting method that some Republicans view as an existential threat.

The case is also being watched closely by national advocates for ranked-choice voting who hope to implement the system in other states.

Poliquin has also requested a recount of the results. That process, which is expected to take about a month, begins Thursday at a counting facility in Augusta. Election officials announced Monday that the recount is likely to be completed in January because of the holiday season.

Federal Judge Hears Arguments in Poliquin's Ranked-Choice Voting Challenge
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Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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I do not see anything wrong with Maine's system, from what the article represents of it.