Federal judge strikes down anti GMO law in Hawaii

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
"Last year, Hawaii's fourth-largest island, Kauai, passed a local ordinance restricting the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops. But,a federal judge has ruled the county overstepped its legal authority — which has potentially huge implications for whether local communities across the U.S. can ban GMO crops."

"The Kauai County ordinance known as Bill 2491 or Ordinance 960 required agricultural companies and farmers to publicly disclose information on pesticide use, as well as the location and types of GMO crops being grown on the island. The law also required companies using large amounts of pesticides to establish buffer zones around sensitive areas, including schools and hospitals. Anyone who failed to comply with the law would face penalties, including jail time."

How will this affect future labeling of GMOs or the law Vermont passed requiring the labeling of all GMOs?

A Federal Judge Has Struck Down An Anti-GMO Law In Hawaii
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Jun 2010
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federal gubment butting into a local state's business imo. Let them do what they want.. Kauai isn't hurting anyone.
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