Feds investigate use of "human shields" by Russian traffic cops

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
The highly controversial yet widely used tactic by Russia's GIBDD-DPS traffic police service, involves police forcing regular drivers, civilians, just random passers by, to block a road, a highway, whatever, with their vehicles, during a chase of an offender

Preferably, of course, they would use big trucks for this

But, if none are available in the nearby vicinity, they can and do pull over normal cars too

One big reason many citizens have grumbled about this, over the years, is that if you car gets banged up while being used in such a make shift barricade

it is then very, very difficult to wrangle any kind of compensation from the DPS...

The DPS, in turn, simply maintain that it is the duty of every citizen to help law enforcement when asked. And not, presumably, demand reimbursement for damage to your car afterwards lol

In another embarrassing video for DPS, from the city of Vladimir, hours ago, a driver they were chasing (reportedly - they had tried to pull him over for working his private car as a taxi cab without a legal permit, and he took off) rams into at least a couple cars stopped by DPS to block him, and then still makes a getaway after the cops are unable to bust into his car (he was caught eventually, later, in another part of town)

The video also clearly shows that the driver and female passenger in the car where the video was filmed from were being allowed, if not forced to, stay in their vehicle while it was blocking the road.

Essentially, the DPS cops are literally risking people's lives out there, with this.

The local office of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR, their FBI) has now launched an investigation of the DPS officers' conduct in this case, following outrage over the video; and the Internal Affairs Ministry, which is in charge of all police in the country, are also sending own investigators from Moscow to look into the matter.

Hopefully, they will finally put an end to this crap...